Spelling with Word Wall Words (W.W.W.)
Your child will be bringing home a collection of spelling words every Monday that have been introduced in class. They will have written the words in their agenda. Every Friday there will be a test on them. I encourage you to practice these words with your child every night to allow them to become more familiar with them. Once they are put up onto the wall in our classroom, it is expected that they know how to spell them.

Here are some things you can do with your child to practice the Word Wall Words
  • Sort the words into categories by their first letter, sound, etc. Ask your child to explain to you why the words are sorted in a particular way- what does the sort reveal about spelling in general? Ask your child to sort them a second time as fast as possible.
  • Assist your child in doing a word hunt, looking for words in a familiar book that have the same sound, pattern, or both as their spelling words. Try to find two or three words for each category.
  • Ask the child to create a sentence with the word in it. To make it harder, get your child to use 2 or more words in 1 sentence!
  • Do a writing sort to prepare for the Friday test. As you call out the words in a random order your child should write them in the correctly. Call out any words your child misspells a second or third time

These are the words your child has learned already:
  • are, with, snap, bug, was
  • not, of, stop, have, school
  • went, will, I, was, because, school
  • what, who, when, where, why
  • after, hurt, first, car, girl, for
  • sports, sister, brothers
  • made, make, ride, name, joke
  • their, there, they're
  • to, too, two
  • one, won, here, hear, right, write
  • don't, didn't can't it's isn't

Thank you for your support. Together we can help your child make valuable progress!