Pictures to Share
December Moments

For the month of November, Amy and Eshan won the Good Attitude Award for being respectful. For this month, we will be working towards appreciation of others.
award nov.JPG

November Moments
For the month of October, Rachel and Austen won the Good Attitude award for listening. For this month, we will be working towards mutual respect.award oct.JPG
On November 4th, we started our new unit Addition and Subtraction Strategies. We begun by using our names to create addition and subtraction questions!name1.JPGname2.JPG

On November 5th, we did our first science experiment! The question was: What happens to the gummy bears when they are put into different liquids?science.JPG

The students found:
-it got bigger
-it changed colour
-it changed shape
-it got squishy
-it got slimy

For every Science experiment, we will fill out this sheet:


On November 9th, we discussed the term texture and buzz words we can use to describe texture. Then we had a rotation of 10 bags with different objects in it and we had to write 3 buzz words. Here are some of our reactions to the objects!texture1.JPGtexture2.JPG


On November 12th, we made paper chains out of addition questions we created!

On November 12th, we discussed the term sight and came up with buzz words to describe what something looks like. We had 7 stations to look at and had to use 3 words to describe them!

On November 13th we used "flower rings" to help us with using 10-frames to count on from 10. Here are some examples of how we used them.

On November 16th we received an award for dressing in the correct uniform last Friday! Yay!

On November 17th, we celebrated Ha Jun's birthday! He brought in a cake for the class!

On November 26th, we conducted our last science experiment. We answered the question: How can we stop an egg from breaking when it drops?

This group thought water would stop the egg from breaking! Their hypothesis was right!
This group thought feathers would stop the egg from breaking! Their hypothesis was wrong!

image3.JPG image4.JPGimage8.JPG
This group thought water would stop their egg too! But their hypothesis was wrong! They didn't put enough water!


October Moments

On October 9th, we celebrated Gia's birthday. Her mom came in and fed us cake and snacks and brought everyone a loot bag!

On October 12th, some of our class went on a field trip with the Grade 3s to Shihe Village where we picked apples, made dumplings, ate a delicious lunch, and played!
adrian.JPG amy.JPGthomas.JPG

On October 14, we are slowly getting excited for Halloween so we decided to decorate our classroom! Ms. Findlay brought in pumpkins and we picked leaves from the field!decorating.JPGdecorating 2.jpg
On October 19th, we painted feelings with a certain colour from the colour wheel for Art class.art1.jpgart2.jpg

On October 23rd, we made stain glass leaves using warm colours! Ms. Findlay was so proud of us for cutting the leaves out ourselves!
Fall leaves.JPG

For math, we are learning how to count big numbers. On October 27th, we counted pumpkins!math picture.jpg

For math, on October 29th, we collected leaves from the field and pasted them onto a paper in our triangle groups! (to be continued...)