When students come home with Language homework...
If students bring their language homework home, I put the trust in your hands to help them to complete it. Students should be mostly finished and just adding the final touches. If you can make sure that your child has added all that is expected of them so that I can give them a 'completed' mark for that day, that would be great!
Here are the expectations:
Word Wall WordsStudents are expected to write the W.W.W. in their agenda. Then they work on the worksheet which entails writing each W.W.W. 5 times and writing a sentence for each word. Students are to highlight with a coloured pencil the word wall word in each sentence so I am aware of which word they have used.
Students are expected to circle the W.W.W. in the poem that we have learned from the beginning of the year. Then students are encouraged to colour and add detail to the image on the poem. Each night students are expected to read the poem to his/her parents.