Miss Findlay's Behavior Tracking System

Starting on the return of the October break, we have been using a behavioral system that will help your child stay on task and behave in an appropriate manner. This way, the classroom will run more smoothly and we will be able to accomplish much more.

As a class, we will be using a large group behavioral system called "Grade 2 Classroom Bingo" (Thank you Mr. Takach). Each period students are given the challenge of displaying positive behaviour. If they are misbehaving as a whole class such as talking when the teacher is talking, not doing what they have been asked, or they aren't ready by the time the count down is over, they will receive a warning. With 3 warnings by the end of a period they do not receive a bingo number. But if they are under 3 warnings they will receive a bingo number! Once the students earn a line of numbers either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally they will be given a period to engage in an activity of their choice.
class bingo.jpg

Individually, students will be tracked on a behavioral system that displays both appropriate and inappropriate behavioral (Thank you Ms. Chao). Everyone starts on the "Ready to learn!" section and a child can either remain at this spot, move up a spot, or go down spots.
class scale.jpg

I strongly encourage parent-teacher communication on behavioral management. It would be really appreciated if you can send me an email so that I have your email to contact you if I need to speak with you about either really great behavioral or not-so great behavior. Working as a team is essential for providing the best education to your child.